We present you Europe's Greatest Zipline!

80 km/h and 100 meters high in the heart of the Dolomites.
An explosion of adrenaline!

In San Vigilio di Marebbe, Bolzano province of South Tyrol, live the unique thrill of a Zipline that will astound you. Ready to take-off?

Between the top station and the bottom one, we've anchored to sturdy trees a strong metal cable, running from side to side through the little valley.

Zipline is the name of this adrenaline-fuelled adventure: an experience immersed in the green heart of the Dolomites of South Tyrol. You’ll descend through the valley at high speed, with wind in your hair and your heart pounding.
An experience you will remember forever!
Fly on a record-breaking Zipline: its size and length make ours Europe's longest Zipline Park.


Route and technical data: exciting numbers!

The take-off is at 1600 meters altitude, where the departure platform is located. During the flight, you will find 10 intermediate platforms, for a total of 3.2 kilometers zipline ride completely immersed in the South Tyrolean natural landscape.
You will fly down 400 meters of height difference, arriving in San Vigilio at an altitude of 1200 meters. The main Zipline span is really long: 780 meters!At the highest point, you'll be dangling your feet 100 meters above the ground (a thrilling ride!).

Record-breaking Zipline.
Route and technical specifications:

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