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Business incentives and team building

Looking for an unforgettable experience for your corporate team building? Try flying on a Zipline at 80 km/h!

A Zipline is a thrilling adventure, great to develop synergy between employees and to boost the team spirit that's essential at work. Prior to the ride, our instructors will engage everyone creating a growth opportunity for the entire team. After a technical briefing, the group will be taken to the Zipline take-off, where group members will challenge themselves as they learn to move on the Ziplines. The group's enthusiasm and collaboration will allow each person to successfully overcome the obstacles. Professional and business relationships will come away stronger from the experience of a Zipline flight.

After completing the course, a celebration is in order! We work with local partners who can supply catering in the form of a buffet or picnic baskets.

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Special deals for schools and associations

The Zipline is a fun and exciting outdoor activity for children and teenagers. It can be a memorable school trip or a fantastic celebration for a sports victory!
Flying on the zipline is great to develop a spirit of adventure: each participant has to be personally engaged in the activity to successfully complete the Zipline itinerary. The 11 platforms between the 10 Zip lines provide plenty of time for the kids to chat and to get to know each other. This makes the Zipline perfect as a group experience, to consolidate relationships between the kids, as they support each other to overcome their fear – and share their joy and excitement!

At our base, the group will first learn how the equipment and components work with assistance from our qualified staff. Then the group will move to the platform, ready to enjoy the first Zipline take off!
There are no age limits, as long as the rider weighs over 40 kg.
The Zipline is located in a quiet area in the natural setting of San Vigilio di Marebbe; where you can find numerous options for eating out, as well as suitable picnic areas.

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